Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I've watched "High Fidelity" three times this week.

Top 5 Dream Jobs:
5. Karaoke Disk Jockey
4. Business owner [Vintage clothing shop, speakeasy-type bar, 50's diner]
3. Psychologist
2. Magazine editor
1. Children's Television Host

I'm going to school for Psychology, so that's a start. I've done the Children's Television Host bit for awhile, but I want to pick it up again now that I'm older & get more serious about it. It's hard to figure out where to start, though. You try writing a letter to a television station and convincing them you're serious. I get ignored a lot.

Top 5 Places I'd like to go:
5. Disney World [I've never gone, even though I lived just minutes outside the park as a child]
4. California
3. Las Vegas. I want a ridiculous themed wedding that can be annulled the next day. Or not, depending on the guy.
2. Wherever I can see the Aurora Borealis
1. Europe. Mostly France, England and Ireland.

So there's this boy I like. And he's reading poetry at this poetry slam at his school in three hours, an event which I will be in the audience for. Is my stomach nervous because of that, or is this just residual grossness from the dreaded norovirus that I've just gotten over?

There's something very endearing about boys giving me butterflies in my stomach at 22 years old.

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