Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Leaving The Country. Or, why Michael Moore is a genius.

So, for a few years now I've been toying with the idea of moving to Canada.
It started out as a complete and total joke-- J. and I, when we were both just "internet friends" who would talk on the phone for 6+ hours every night, mentioned running away to Canada together.

At the time, it had been amusing. I had taken it with a grain of salt, it had been a joke to me. Even the thought of living with him hadn't been something I was seriously considering. I had only been to Canada twice at that point, and while I found it a nice place to visit and enjoyed the friendliness of the people there, it had never caught my eye as some place I'd want to live.

Or, had it? In 2003 I explained to my best friend at the time, "This is like the MECCA of Children's Entertainment." as we holed up in the hotel room watching kids TV. We had wandered malls and thrift stores and tourist traps, and I was the whole time wide-eyed. I realize now I was looking for some direction, something to call me there.

I don't believe in moving to Canada in hopes of getting a "big break". Quality children's entertainment is the NORM in Canada-- by moving there I wouldn't be contributing anything they didn't already have. It almost makes more sense to stay in the states and show everyone something new-- that we CAN have quality here, no matter how resistant everyone may be to it at first. It's like the big fish in a small pond theory. In the US, a good children's entertainer is NOT a dime a dozen.

All the same, the way America is changing frightens me. Canada seems the safest option... so a month ago I sat down and filled out a simple survey, designed to figure out if I had enough "points" as it were to apply for Canadian citizenship. As it stands, I don't have a lot going for me-- I'm young, single, speak only English, don't work in a desired field, and don't have any relatives in Canada.

It was suggested to me by a man whose sole job is to help prospective Canadian citizens that I should first secure employment in Canada.

I thought about it. Right now, the idea is impossible. Even if I were to secure an interview, it would cost too much money to drive myself up and back. And J. would have to secure an interview as well. The odds are not in our favor. And even if someone did say, "Okay, start next week" or even, "next month", we just wouldn't have the money. I know nothing about living costs in Canada-- could we carry on as we are now? Could we make as much as we are currently making (which is not much, but it's above minimum wage) doing the same things we are doing? Do they HAVE minimum wage in Canada? There are too many questions, and nothing is guaranteed. At this point, I feel like it's a huge gamble.

Today, I sat down and watched Michael Moore's "Sicko". And I'm sold all over again. We WILL get there. As far as I see it, the quality of our lives depend upon it. I wish I could bring my mother too, as she's getting older and I would like for her to have the best care she can get should anything happen to her (cancer runs in our family).

If I get a better job now, perhaps I can bank more money and this would be more of a possibility. As it stands now, I don't have the funds to finance another move, not at least for another year.

But now I have something else to work towards.

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