Sunday, June 15, 2008


So, I've had myself quite the weekend.

It started off with waking up early and getting horribly lost driving to my friend's house. When I finally arrived (a half hour late, after driving down two different roads, and then ALL THE WAY HOME to retrieve the cell phone I had left on my dresser, to call her and ask her which of the two roads was correct), we went off to Six Flags to see The Wiggles. I'll have to admit, I was more excited then my friend's four year old daughter. It was a good show, but quite short and different from what I've seen in the past. Each Wiggle came equipped with three personal body guards (they are CHILDREN, they aren't going to hurt you!) and they did NO meet & greet before or after the concert-- which only lasted about a half hour in the absolute brutal sunlight.

I had brought my own sunscreen, and applied it before the concert started. It made no difference, however, and I'm currently in a quite painful lobster-red state that just keeps feeling worse and worse. I'm debating calling out of work tomorrow since I'm not exactly certain I'll be able to wear normal clothing.

We spent some time at the park, me going on all the little kid rides with the four-year old, until the sky opened up and poured, and we hightailed it back to the car.

After being entertained by Wii fishing and bowling back at my friends house, she took me home--- where I found a surprise party waiting for me! My amazing (aww) boyfriend had apparently spent the past month crafting this entire event and making sure everything was perfect, because he knew I didn't really have the time or money to do anything for myself this year. There were balloons, crepe paper and banners everywhere, and as soon as I walked in everyone took pictures of me. J. had invited a bunch of my friends from work, but the best part of all was that LaVonna was able to come from Boston! There was a ton of food, alcohol, and board games. It was a lot of fun, and very nice... I'm not really used to people doing that sort of thing for me.

I am, however, glad it's over-- because now I realize that people had been lying to me for weeks! I HAD noticed that people were treating me a little bit funny, and little comments they said made absolute sense as soon as I realized they were all hiding something from me.

Today J. and I spent the day with my parents, which was interesting as it always is. We had long drawn out conversations about politics, the Bible, and Nostradamus... and it's all making me realize how BADLY I want to move to Canada. I'm afraid of what the US Government is becoming. But, that's a blog for another time.

I got a Jack Kerouac book for my birthday from my mom, and $50 from my stepfather. I'm going to use the money to get my emissions test for my car... and then my nose pierced. Rock on. :)

Now, I need to lay my little sunburned self down and try to get some rest.

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