Friday, June 13, 2008

Out of the way-- fat kid wants a cheeseburger, bitches!!!

Or, HEY, summer is here. Let's deal with a whole new set of insecurities!

Being overweight is such a vicious cycle.

It's summer. It's hot as hell. And all of a sudden, you realize that your jeans and tank tops just AREN'T going to cut it this year-- both fashion-wise, and comfort-wise.

So, you round up a friend and hit some stores. You eye the shorts, thinking that they would be suitable summer wear, maybe with that ribbed tank top over there---

and then it hits you. You can't wear that. Why not? I hear all you toned, tight readers asking. Because, my friends, of "chub rub". The urban dictionary definition is slightly more vulgar then my liking (foul odors? I think NOT), but regardless, it's what happens when you've got too much going on in the thigh department, wear shorts or a skirt, and walk in the heat. Welts, rashes, general pain. It's not a fun time.

Needless to say I ended up leaving the store with a pair of capri pants and a few tank tops. And then, after the depressing event which is trying on clothes when you aren't a size 6, my friend and I hightailed it over to Burger King.

I find this happening constantly. "UGH, nothing fits. I need to lose weight. Fuck, this sucks. I'm a failure. Milkshakes, anyone?"

I am also currently sitting here covered in self-tanner. I don't know WHY I insist on trying this stuff every year, because every damn year I end up looking streaky.

Oh well.

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