Saturday, June 7, 2008

Starting the day off on the wrong foot...

I had an emissions test scheduled for 8:30 AM today. For those of you who know me, you know that me scheduling ANYTHING at 8:30 AM is just ridiculous, seeing as I am absolutely the furthest thing from a "morning person" under the sun. And on SATURDAY morning? Unheard of.

BUT, I have an insanely busy day today. So I was forced to schedule the emissions test at the ass-crack of dawn. So in I roll, 10 minutes early, with reading material in hand.

Only to be met with a big ugly sign that reads, "Emissions Test-- CASH".

Now, any other time, I would have just scooted myself over to the nearest ATM, grabbed $20, and been back-- and on time, still-- for my appointment. But right now, I'm in god-i-hope-my-rent-check-will-clear mode, and the absolute LAST thing I want to be doing is screwing with my bank account balance. To supplement this problem, I have of course (unwisely) been charging essentially everything under the sun. Groceries, gas... I even had to pay my cell phone bill with my credit card. It's a terrible habit, I realize, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I went in just to make sure the man at the counter would make no exceptions. He would not. He stated, 'It's a problem we've run into in the past.' People paying with credit cards is a problem? I was pretty sure that credit card sales total more then cash sales, nowadays. Regardless, I thanked him and told him I'd have to secure another appointment at a later date.

This sucks because every month that I don't get my emissions test, is another month that my car is not licensed and registered in Connecticut. Which means, since the car is still licensed, registered, and insured in Massachusetts, AND is insured in Connecticut... I'm still paying double car insurance. The man at the insurance place told me this happens when people move out of state all the time. Which is all well and good except, I can't really afford this. ::frustration::

Anyway, my next appointment was at 10:30, with a woman at the library. I was determined for it to go more smoothly then the emissions test, but at the same time, freaking out as I had no idea what to wear/say/do, etc. I was terribly concerned with impressing this woman, but I shouldn't have been worried-- she loved me instantaneously, for no good reason. I didn't get to tell her much about myself, or even my intentions, or why volunteering appealed to me. She just REALLY wanted me as her long-term assistant... so, I am.

Ideally, I'd like to be doing story-readings, but it seems I will be helping out with crafts first, doing some general children's library work (filing, setting up displays, etc). I'm sure the librarian will be very open to any suggestions that I have in the future, however, as she was very enthusiastic about EVERYTHING, so I intend to work there for a month or so and then start idea-dropping and see if she bites.

Now, I'm off to make some tea for the caffeine I so badly crave [I'm addicted, but was recently informed by my doctor that I'm not allowed to drink coffee]and prepare for a friend's Bachelorette Party. Should be interesting.

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