Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adventures in cars

The other day I was in the car with J., he was driving. He missed a turn he had to take, as people often do, so he pulled into the next driveway to turn around--- only to discover that for some reason, that particular driveway went NOWHERE. It just.... ended.

No big deal, right? Just 3 point turn and pull out. Except the driveway was too narrow for a 3 point turn. He went to back out, but that too proved impossible-- there was a huge overgrown bush (and I mean OVERGROWN) blocking any and all view of oncoming traffic, and the road was very busy. There was just no way to back out safely.

Luckily, there was another driveway off to the left. We were separated from it by a great deal of grass, however. J. eased the car onto the grass the best he could and pulled the car into the next driveway. I am all the while freaking out in the passenger seat because A) We're fucking driving on someones well maintained grass, what if they catch us?! and B) My car made a pretty nasty scraping sound as he drove over that last curb.

So, a little stressful, but whatever. We'll just pull out of this driveway.

Except... it ALSO doesn't go anywhere.

No lie, this driveway was even more ridiculous then the first (seeing as the first actually had an ENTRY POINT from the road)-- this is literally a big stretch of asphalt that is surrounded by curbs on ALL SIDES. And we were STUCK IN IT. We sat there for a minute marveling at the stupidity of such a creation, and our misfortune for getting stuck in such ridiculousness.

There was nothing to do but drive over yet ANOTHER curb. And these curbs were somehow built higher and even more bottom-scrapey then the first ones. I kept whispering to J. through clenched teeth, "Just go slow... go slow...", but as my car clunked and scraped over the first curb, I realized that no matter how slow he went, my car was going to get wrecked.

Cut to one minute later-- we're now in the safety of an ACTUAL parking lot that has ACTUAL driveways that lead to roads. And I am an uncontrollable sobbing mess. It seems that this event somehow drudged up all the stress and worry I'm having financially at the moment, and I sat there completely unable to stop the tears. it was then that Jay reached over and caressed me, and all my worries seemed to melt away. I was overtaken with passion, and slowly reached over to unzip his pants. He tilted his head back, moving his body forward in the seat. As

EDIT: None of that last bit actually happened. I made the mistake of leaving my half-written blog on the computer screen when J. sat down to type something... I'll finish this later.

So as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I was a mess. All the car shit and bill shit and working my ass off and NOT making ends meet blindsided me all at once. The bottom line? This economy fucking SUCKS. When times get hard, my obvious reaction is to get a second job. Except NO ONE will hire me. I know I'm not the only person going through this, but it's getting ridiculous. Something has to be done, and it has to be done soon or I don't know what's going to happen.

(In the meantime, I'm still dreaming of living outside my means. This item is currently at the top of my wishlist, and I would like for nothing more then to spend weekends biking around with Jay (who I will retire calling "J." since he outed himself in his last bit of prose. I was trying to give him some form of anonymity, but I guess he doesn't need it). I haven't gone on a bike ride since I was a kid, I miss it.

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