Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling slightly better...

I cleaned the bathroom and part of the living room and showered, after working 9-6 and dragging J. out of the house for ice cream around 8. (The Cold Stone Creamery that used to be right around the corner from us apparently is now out of business. I've never had CSC, and I didn't get a chance to try it today, either. Bummer.)

I've spent the past couple of days in a pretty big funk and it feels good to slowly be gathering my wits about me-- although a few important things have happened recently that I wish I could have been more clear-headed about, most specifically, a friend of mine is talking about getting a divorce. Not really much that I can air on the subject, it's not my business to do so-- but I really would have liked to be able to offer her some kind of verbal support over the past few days rather then smiling, nodding, saying things that probably came out incoherent, and blowing my nose.

Also: There is this sad, moon-faced girl that I kind of know. She's younger then me, not by much, but pale and skinny with illness. J. knows her, too, and her boyfriend, and is more friendly with them then I am. (Despite internet personality, I am usually very shy with people I don't know.) I found myself wondering about them tonight... is she self-pitying, or accepting or her situation? Are they scared or naive? Do they dwell on it, or ignore it? I'd like to hope she would be living a life that was otherwise as carefree as possible.

I almost want to write my own interpretation of their story, but feel that Lurlene McDaniel has probably done it all much more eloquently then I could ever hope to.

Maybe one day I'll do it anyway.


DaisyBelle said...

Oh my...I had so many of Lurlene McDaniel's books when I was in middle school. I loved them! (Weird? Maybe...)

Eponine said...

You're not alone there-- I did too. I think they were almost a middle schoolers version of a trashy romance novel. They DID teach a lot about illness, though, and one of them helped me diagnose my stepfather's diabetes when I was younger!