Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hell on wheels

This is what we call "One of those things that only happens to Alison", or "An Alison Story":

I went to court this morning to bargain down my speeding ticket from March and get an extension on it. The judge knocked it down to $100 and gave me until August to pay. Score.

I spent 6 hours today at the RMV, finally getting my car registered and legal in CT. (I had moved here from MA 3 months ago but just now had the money to spend on all that jazz. It's now all set, I just have to switch over the plates, which I'll hopefully be able to do tomorrow.)

Against my better judgment, I had stopped on the way home to grab some Burger King for lunch, seeing as I had to work at 4 PM and it was already well after 3:30 and I was still a good 2 towns away.

Upon arriving home, I pulled into my parking spot (which is located behind my apartment building)-- and in a terrifying, horrible moment, SOMEHOW, jammed on the gas at the last possible second instead of the brake.

I crashed at full speed into the building and propelled my neighbor's air conditioner a good 15 feet into his apartment, destroying the brick wall for about a foot in each direction. I was in a complete state of shock at first, and had no idea who to call. I called the guys who own the building, and frantically relayed my story to them. They had me send them a camera-phone image so they could survey the damage, and sent a guy out to patch up the hole.

The man who lives in the apartment had been home at the time, and he came out to see what the hell was going on. He narrowly missed the air conditioner hitting him (he had just been sitting down in his armchair, which was located directly beside the window. He got up and went into the next room right as the thing came flying through the air. I'm not religious, but seriously- talk about divine intervention!) but was not angry with me at ALL. I know I would not have been so understanding if someone had driven into my apartment! He was just glad that no one was hurt, and hopefully they'd be able to fix his wall pretty quickly.

The guy who owns the building was very nice about it, too. He left me a voicemail telling me, "I'm not mad at you, and don't worry we won't kick you out or anything. These things happen."

Altogether, we all got very lucky. No one was hurt, I'm insured (and my car was LEGAL. And this happened with MY CAR and not the loaner that I had been driving 2 days ago... I don't know what I would have done if I wrecked someone else's car!), the apartment is insured, my car took the beating VERY well (the bumper is a little scratched and dinged, and the license plate is bent, but it's not bad at all, considering) and everyone has been very understanding.

The biggest downside I see?

I am NEVER going to hear the end of this!!!

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sarabelladonna81 said...

You're right- you'll never hear the end of it... we'll make sure:)