Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Over analyzing like it's my job...

Today J. woke up boasting of a "really cool dream".
The short version of the dream turned out to be, aliens (who are really just like us) came down from Mars and said to him, "Hey, you're pretty unhappy here on earth. Come with us!" And he did. And Mars turned out to be awesome and 100% better then earth. So he stayed there.

He returned later to visit. He ran into me and, naturally, I was pissed at him for leaving me. So he took someone else back to Mars with him.

When I seemed offended upon his retelling of the dream, he replied, "I'm a loser. I knew you'd realize that and get over it."

An interesting comment because he is neither A) a loser nor B) burdened by low self-esteem.

I do, however, think he just pinpointed why it is men break up with me.

I'm reading too much into this. I know.

EDIT: This marks the first time I've ever batted my eyelashes at a boy and asked, "You wouldn't REALLY leave me for Mars, would you?" . I hope to God it's the last.

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