Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sickness & Batman.

We had a hectic morning. Jay and I crashed on the couch last night (because it's next to the A/C, and it's really a bed that we make up to look like a couch) and he didn't sleep very well because of this uncontrollable cough.

Turns out, I gave him my cold-- which anyone could have guessed would happen, I was a germy mess for a week and he lives with me. It's inevitable.

The problem was, his cough was REALLY bad, much worse then mine had been. Constant and non-productive. He coughed to the point of having difficulty breathing, and he coughed so hard I was worried he was going to break a rib.

We were up by 9 AM (unheard of on a weekend!) and I was frantically calling Minute Clinics in an effort to figure out if they'd take his insurance. By 10:30 he was hacking in the waiting room. If you've never been to a minute clinic, I completely recommend it-- the RN was very nice and helpful, we didn't have to wait long to be seen, and he left the office with a diagnosis (acute infectious bronchitis!) and three prescriptions for what ails him. Yes, on a SUNDAY-- all for the cost of his insurance co-pay (ten bucks!).

He's konked out on the bed-couch now, after taking some cough syrup with codeine, which finally helped him stop coughing (the past few days have been filled with Vicks VaboRub, cough drops, hot tea, frozen drinks and Delsym, none of which were helping at all!). I'm very relieved he's finally able to sleep-- I can finally give my worried maternal instincts a rest.

In other, non germ-related news, I have a cute new short haircut, which didn't come out exactly as I had hoped, but I like it all the same, & I'm now looking for places to donate my ponytail to. I know some places have better reputations then others (for instance-- I heard that "Locks of Love" doesn't actually provide young cancer patients with free wigs-- you have no way of knowing where your hair will go!) so if anyone has done this before and has any tips, let me know.

Also, we saw Batman last night in IMAX, and it was fantastic. I was slightly disappointed by the overall "IMAX experience" (I thought it was going to be in 3-D-- in reality it was simply a very large movie screen, and more surround sound speakers), but there's no denying the movie itself was perfectly executed. I was extremely skeptical that Heath Ledger would make a good Joker when I had first learned of the casting decision, but he was excellent. I will trust Christopher Nolan's judgment from now on-- after all, I wasn't fond of the idea of Christian Bale at first, either!

All for now.

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