Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tired of this...

I really am completely exhausted of existing in such a humdrum way. I sleep, I go to work, occasionally I attend a wedding, party, or visit my parents during the weekends.

I am living this life in the hopes of achieving something better. At times it is discouraging-- like at the moment when I look around and realize I am stagnant, not "getting ahead" as I should be. Just working and barely making ends meet.

I have an escapist personality that hits me at the worst possible times. Usually, it can be quenched with a small trip, maybe to the zoo or a museum, but this is not one of those occasions. I need to be somewhere new and see new things, but the economy is not in my favor, nor is travel in my budget. I am envious of those whose blogs I stumble upon... people my age going on cruises, foreign vacations...

I need a vacation. I've never really had a real vacation, unless you count tagging along on my mother and step-fathers Honeymoon to Atlanta, Georgia back in 1998. Unfortunately, finding myself broke in January, I foolishly had all of my vacation time "paid out" to me (about $600 worth) as soon as it was available. I paid bills with it, which I suppose was wise at the time, but now it has left me with this trapped feeling I can do nothing about.

I AM going to NYC in a couple of weeks... hopefully that will quench this feeling for now and I won't find myself selling all my belongings and backpacking through Europe.

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