Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sometimes you just have to drive a little further down the road...

So, obviously I've been bummed lately. Things haven't quite been going my way, money is tight, yatta yatta.

Today I was out running errands with Jay, and we got bored and decided to explore a little. We drove around looking for cute little shops to stop in. We live in the middle of nowhere, so we didn't have very much luck. We were just about to head home when instead we decided to turn around and venture farther down Route 75 then we usually travel.

A mile or so down the road, we pulled into a little plaza that looked pretty boring. There was a tattoo and piercing parlor there, however, and I needed a new nose ring as my old one had somehow lost its gemstone. We got out of the car and went inside.

The guy who worked there was very helpful. He sold me a new nose ring and put it in for me, free of charge (usually there's a 5 dollar insertion fee). While he was doing this, Jay joked with the man, saying that he had no money, but how would they like to tattoo their stores logo on his back? He'd advertise for them free of charge.

As it turns out-- they have a guy working there currently who is building his portfolio, and currently not charging for tattoos! Apparently he does very good work, too.

So... Jay and I are getting free tattoos within the next week or so!

I'm incredibly excited about this and am frantically trying to decide what work I would like done.

This proves to me-- when things are going shitty, sometimes you just need to drive a little further down the road! :)

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Danielle* said...

That last sentence was actually quite profound if you look at it on a grand scale. It made my day better. Thank you. :D