Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why are you where you are? Is it where you belong?

I'm having another one of those little moments today. The kind where I look at my social circle as a "map" of sorts, and lament my location.

My best friends-- by location.

Boston- Seeing as I'm originally from there, Boston has the highest concentration of best friends, and really good friends, by square mile. For the sake of argument, I will count the ones I am most likely visiting while I am in town-- LaVonna, Matt, and Danielle. Matt moved there for college, LaVonna moved there after college for work, and Danielle lives with her father there.

Florida- I'm originally from here, too... but the best friend who lives there only moved there about 2 years ago. Katie, who I miss so much it hurts. She teaches second grade and never plans on coming back, no matter how much I plead with her.

North Adams, MA- 1. Mary. She moved there for her senior year of college and ended up staying.

London, UK- 1. Lauren. She also moved there for college and ended up staying.

Which leaves me in Connecticut with an overwhelming (sarcasm) social circle that consists of 1. Boyfriend and 2. girls I work with. And while Girls I Work With can be great for a monthly dinner and movie, or maybe even a roadtrip or birthday party, most of the time we get together, all we do is Talk About Work. And really, isn't it bad enough that we all have to Be At Work?

As far as I see it, I am only currently living here until I am capable of getting my degree and getting a real job. In which case-- where am I going? Do I head in the directions of the friendships I've already established, or do I really just take a deep breath and set off on my own, wherever success seems to call me?

It seems, in the cases of all of my friends, that schooling has led them all to their current locations, and work has kept them there.

Why are YOU where you are? Are you happy there, or do you plan on going somewhere else?

(Bonus question: Do they have lifeguards on duty at Olympic swimming events?)

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