Sunday, September 7, 2008

Can you just be freaking HONEST with me?

1. Quite awhile ago I applied for a job as a Barista at a coffee shop. The interview went great, the people really liked me. They kept introducing me to people I'd be working with, giving me a tour of the area, etc. I thought for sure I'd get it. They told me they'd run my background check (which is clean, I'm a good kid) & get back to me in a few days. They never called.

I wasn't devastated, because although I did want the job, it was sort of out of the way for me, and would have prevented me from going to college.

I emailed the woman who had interviewed me, and asked her very politely why I hadn't been chosen for the position. I explained that I wasn't taking it personally, I only wanted to know so that I could learn from the experience and do better at my next interviews.

She never got back to me.

2. Boink magazine, as I've been quite public about, published my work in their most recent issue and neglected to pay me what they owe me. They also mailed $20 worth of magazines to the incorrect address, and since they used Parcel Post, the package was forwarded back to their factory, instead of to me.

I've written them countless emails and phoned them a million times. I have never once gotten a response or spoke with a person.

3. I have emailed dozens of libraries within a 20 mile radius of me asking if they could use a volunteer to read stories to children. Only one of those has responded-- the library I currently volunteer at, and even then, after a great interview with the children's librarian, it is basically decided that I will be her "gopher". I show up once or twice a month, set up and take down decoration, provide kids with paint and paint brushes, put books away... all the while, wishing I was reading stories.

Recently I drove by the library and saw a sign that read "Fall Storytimes begin September 8th". Excited, I emailed the children's librarian and asked if I could volunteer for that.

It's been 2 weeks now and she still hasn't responded.

Honestly, I know that I'm a nice person and outwardly may seem very meek sometimes, but I'm not going to fall to pieces if you tell me "NO". I'd appreciate a little bit of honesty from you, even if it stings at first. In the long run, it would help me to improve. I'd even rather you don't sugar coat it and be polite about it. If you didn't hire me because I smelled funny, looked funny, or seemed like a bitch, TELL ME. If you don't want to hire me for a storytime because of my nose ring, TELL ME.

Giving me something to work with is better then all of this silence.

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