Monday, September 29, 2008

In which I plan to understand politics:

So, they voted down the "bail-out bill", and the stock market is down 600 points.

Everyone at work seems to know exactly what this means, and they're speaking in hushed, panicked tones and calling their loved ones for more information.

I can't get anyone to really explain to me in laymens terms what this exactly means-- I have never had a mind for politics, really, but I can tell that this is important, and I want to know more.

Was this just the push we needed to go into another depression? Should I be hoarding food and water? I work for a fairly large company-- am I in danger of being "let go" very soon?

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Liam said...

Well it depends on what kind of company you work for... if you're in the banking industry or some other financial industry... yeah it's not good. Are you going to be let go? who knows.

As for what it REALLY means... I think a total of 7 people in the country REALLY knows what it means... so don't feel bad. I'm VERY knowledgeable about politics and I can't follow all this financial stuff completely...