Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My boyfriend is awesome

I've been getting into Polaroid Instant film lately (about 20 years too late, I know), so I was really dissapointed when I discovered that the company had discontinued their instant film.

Prices have skyrocketed (I saw a 10 pack of exposures selling for up to $30 online), and Polaroid lovers are scrambling to buy as many packs of film as possible before they're extinct.

I couldn't afford any (the original pack I had bought was $8 on the clearance rack at Stop and Shop, & my camera was $5 at Goodwill-- I had no idea how lucky I had been!, but I bookmarked some of the websites for investigating at a later date.

About a week later I come home from school to find a box of cereal and two bowls on the table. Jay tells me I'm just in time for dinner and instructs me to pour the cereal. While I'm thinking, "Cereal for dinner?" and deciding that I'm not all that hungry, so I guess it's appropriate, I pour two bowls. He sits down, and as I finish pouring, he looks into the box and asks, "What's that?"

It's a box of 20 Polaroid exposures!

Not to mention, after that I kept getting mystery packages in the mail that turned out to be other packs of exposures. I've got about 60 now, I think, and I'm so excited to use them, yet want to also be very careful with them since they're becoming a rarity.

(For more information on Polaroid and how to help save it, go here: http://www.savepolaroid.com/)

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