Friday, September 26, 2008

The Umbrellas of... well, Springfield.

I took the National Pharmacy Certification Exam today. I won't know how I actually scored until October 3rd, and at this point, if I pass I will be surprised, and if I fail I will be equally surprised.

I didn't have much time to study the material (the books were given to me fairly late, & any studying I tried to get done was often interrupted by homework I had to complete for my college classes), so I basically just hoped that since I've been a Pharmacy Technician for 2 years now, I would have absorbed enough of the material.

Who knows, though? I feel like I had a good grasp on about 50% of the material. The other 50% was either complicated math, or ones I wasn't *quite* sure of. It was all multiple choice, so that ups my chances of passing a little bit. I believe I have to get a score of 70 or greater in order to pass.

Oh yeah, and, if I pass I get a 50 cent raise. Which is the only true reason I attempted in the first place!

After I was finished with the test, I stood in the lobby of One Monarch Place for a good 2 hours waiting for Jay to come pick me up. (Which, I should add, wasn't his fault-- he had to work and was swinging by once he was done.) It was pouring out today and I spent much of the 2 hours simply watching people with their different umbrellas. I realized during this time:
  • You can tell a lot about a person by the umbrella that they carry. Alternatively, you can tell a lot about a person who does NOT carry an umbrella as well. I do not carry an umbrella, although I do own one. This tells you I try to plan for events, but end up instead being scatterbrained, or perhaps spontaneous.
  • My thighs are not as fat as I perceive them to be. (The mirrored doors of the elevator helped assure me of this, for which I thank them.)
  • I'm terribly judgmental and spend much of my time nitpicking-- Girl A should wear one size smaller pants, while Girl B made such a terrible mistake by opting for those "sensible shoes" with her pencil skirt-- they do nothing for her calves. Girl C is cute but needs oil blotting papers for her nose. But what happens when I see someone that I can't FIND anything to nitpick about? Well, she's clearly a spoiled, perfect, snobby bitch, right?
  • Jay really needs a cell phone.
  • Again, I've picked a REALLY bad time to quit smoking.

These thoughts, of course, seemed so much more profound in the gloominess of the center of a waterlogged city. Speaking of cities, I'm really fucking SICK of small-town living. Inside One Monarch Place is a branch of CBS-- I found it only because the man at the front desk told me that I needed to "take the last elevator" to my exam... conveniently leaving out which FLOOR I needed. So, being ever resourceful, I tried EACH AND EVERY FLOOR. (I got some funny looks as I stuck my head out of the doors and peeked around. I think I disturbed a board meeting at one point-- which probably won't be the last time!)

One of those floors housed CBS. I wanted very much to waltz in and inquire (as confidently as possible of course) about employment opportunities-- but of course I was dressed in blue jeans and a black and turquoise striped hoodie. Fearing I wouldn't be taken seriously, I decided not to risk it.

(One day I will grow some figurative balls.)

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Danielle* said...

I just had to leave you a comment on this one. We had almost the same day!
I let my dad borrow my car. He picked me up from work 20 minutes late. I just stood inside the marble front lobby out of the rain. When girls walked by, I judged them on their whacky rain boots and thought about how dumb they looked tucked into their skinny jeans. And I noticed in the mirrored glass as I was standing there that it looked like I had taken some weight off, and my sides were not sticking out as much as I imagine.
Our experiences waiting to be picked up were quite similar, so I thought I'd tell you. :D hehe