Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'll be in Washington D.C for 2 days in the beginning of November... I've never been there before, and would like to cram in as much sightseeing as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations of things I should be sure to see while I'm in town? I'm definitely going to the Holocaust Museum, and I want to go to the Smithsonian as well.

I'd also like to spend as little as possible.


I am also trying to create a worst-case-scenario survival kit seeing as A) the last time I went on a roadtrip, everything possible went wrong and B) I'm going to be SUPER far away from home and I'll be either alone or surrounded by total strangers constantly.

Feel free to suggest things for my survival kit, no matter how silly they may seem.

I'm already bringing:

-Contacts, case & solution (in case I rip one)
-Glasses (in case I rip a contact and somehow fuck up my eye)
-Cipro (because I have a habit of not drinking enough water on trips... girls you know what I mean!)
-Ear plugs (in case I'm in a room with loud bitches or bitches that snore)
-Headphones/iPod (for the bus trip to and from)

What else?


Renée said...

Extra deodorant (I ALWAYS misplace mine in my luggage... so always have two)
A book, two if you're a fast reader like me
Hide twenty dollars somewhere not with the rest of your money
Not necessary, but I always bring my own towel, and trust me, I'm ALWAYS grateful I did
Sewing kit (a small cheap one)
Band aids
An extra outfit
Two extra pairs of under-roos and socks
An extra bra

Renée said...

ALSO. Just remembered.
Chargers. For anything you bring that might need charging. Especially the iPod. It's about a twelve hour bus ride, it WILL die.

eleanorstrousers said...

I lived in DC for three years. If you want Smithsonians, I'd recommend hitting up Natural History and Art. Skip Air & Space unless you're a big astronaut fan- it always bores me to tears (but you can buy astronaut ice cream there). The Museum of the America Indian is also very dry.

People always love the National Zoo and the pandas. The Spy Museum is cool, but not free. If you don't spend on the tickets, you can still hit up their gift shop, which in my opinion, is the best one in town now that the American History museum is closed for renovations.

You can do a quick walking tour on your own two feet and hit the Washington Monument, Vietnam Memorial, WW II Memorial, Korean War memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the reflecting pool all in under two hours if time is precious.

Arlington Cemetery is pretty amazing and breathtaking.

And I always like shopping in Chinatown.

Have a fun emergency-free trip!