Friday, October 31, 2008


So, the other day in an effort to save money, I bought what essentially are deli meat "remnants". The same way you'd buy that little bit of cloth that's left over at a craft store at a discount price, likewise, they sell the butt-ends of deli meats and cheeses at the supermarket.

Needless to say, after I nom-nomed my way through an entire sandwich made with the buttend, something occurred to me....

... I was eating CASING, wasn't I?

...was it made of... plastic??

Have I just stupidly ingested a sandwich full of plastic? After trying so hard to eat mostly-organic? PLASTIC?

I was able to chew through it mostly okay-- it was a little tough in places, so I'm clinging on to that as a shred of hope that it was actually just... cooked? And not.. plastic.

A Google search has, for once, turned up fruitless. I can't even find a picture resembling what it is I ate. It was a darker brown then the inside turkey, and had lines cut into it like it had once been contained inside a jumbo cheese cloth.

If I need my stomach pumped tomorrow and find myself unable to explain what I ate, I hope someone has the foresight to read my journal.


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