Sunday, November 30, 2008


I really want to go to the store and get some Mister Bubble.
My upper back in the general area of my shoulders has been hurting today, and I need to take a hot bath to relax my muscles but... I don't have any bath bombs. I feel remarkably silly that this is delaying me from a therapeutic bath, but I feel even sillier asking my boyfriend for a few dollars so I can buy Mister Bubble. I dislike borrowing money at all, and I feel that bubble bath is on the ridiculously frivolous side, which makes it even worse.

I know a good credit score is important and all, but, sheesh. I paid all my bills that were due on or immediately around December 1st, and it left me with 8 dollars to my name until next Friday. My next paycheck gets signed (in its entirety, I believe) over to my landlord.

Making ends meet sure isn't easy.

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