Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is anyone elses life like this?

I have nothing against people who are religious. I have nothing against people who are political.

That said, I DO have something against people who insist that their beliefs and opinions are the only viable option. Converters, if you will.

But my neighbor is currently out in the hallway directly outside my door, talking in a very loud tone to a young girl who seems entirely disinterested (I've only heard her say 3 words in the past half hour), in a very converting sort of way, about his religion and politics.

I really, really just want to go into the hallway and ask him... no, TELL him, to lead his sermons in his apartment, not the hallway.

...except I crashed my car into his living room a few months ago and he was nice enough NOT to sue me, and I don't really want to piss him off.

I miss being the ballsy chick who didn't care about repercussions.

EDIT: He was still there two hours later. So I put in a porno and turned it up pretty loud (not that you have to in this apartment, you can hear everything!). Worked like a charm ;) He was back in his apartment in under 5 minutes.

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