Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's thoughts.

1. Jesus, those cars parked on either side of my parking space get closer and closer to me every day. I swear, there's a video camera mounted somewhere & viewers getting a kick of me squeezing my size 14 ass out of a car door that's only open 2 inches.

2. Big Macs. 3 pieces of bread? What the hell for? For additional pondering, see club sandwiches.

3. No matter WHAT computer I chose to sit at in the college computer lab, there is never a printer hooked up to it. No one else in my class seems to have EVER had this problem. At first, I thought I was becoming computer illiterate in my old age-- but today I realized that every computer I sit at is for some reason REALLY 'missing' a printer. So it's not me. (This time.)

4. I sent my boyfriend a cute email today from said computer lab, even though I live with him and I know he only checks his email about once every six months. It'll be a nice surprise when he finally goes to look, right? (He's probably going to read this before he checks his mail, so the secret is out. )

5. I NEED to find a Geocache before the ground freezes. I meant to do it all Summer, now that I finally have a GPS, but I keep putting it off!

6. If there is a mirror in it and I'm having a good hair/makeup day, I cannot keep my eyes off myself. Hurray, narcissism.

7. I've always said, "I'm a raging bitch in my head". Lately some of my bitchiness is leaking out of my mouth. Oops.

I suppose that's all for now!


Danielle* said...

Thoughts 1 and 2 made me chuckle out loud. I always feel so foolish trying to alter my body size and squeeze out of my car between another, wondering if anyone is watching, shaking their head.
One time I couldn't fit. I had to give up, slide back into my car, and move it to another space. I then got out of my car normally, and walked into the Burger King. Epic fail...

Eponine said...

Glad that you're with me on that one! I actually debated throwing down the seats in the back and climbing out of the trunk.