Sunday, December 7, 2008


Did some Christmas shopping with my mom today... came home and hung up stockings and set up the tree I borrowed from a friend. It was looking a little bare (times are hard. I only bought one box of 18 ornaments and kinda hoped that would be enough... it was not) so Jay started adding little household items to the tree.

It's now covered in yarn (strung around it like garland), keychains, name tags, bracelets and a large pen that's shaped like a flower. I thought it was silly at first, but it looks better this way... it's more personalized. I think I'll keep it like this.

Watched Chocolat while drinking hot chocolate (lets face it-- you HAVE to have something chocolate while watching that movie!) and now I'm craving chocolate with chili peppers.

Have a lot of homework to finish up before the semester wraps next week. I'm looking forward to having a bit of time off, selling my textbooks for cash and getting my grades... I think I've done pretty well this semester.

I leave you with this random strange thought:

I was reading the back of the plastic bag the toilet paper comes in the other day, and I noticed they were advertising "Cottonelle for Kids" toilet paper. Immediately, I find myself wondering what's different about "kids" toilet paper. The bag doesn't want to let me wonder, so it says, "Helps kids know how much toliet paper to use!"

...excuse me?

Is there a little mark on the toliet paper that suggests 3 sheets for pee, 4 sheets for poop, and 6 sheets for a particularly messy poop? HOW DOES MY TOLIET PAPER CONFIRM THIS INFORMATION?

I went to the website for clarification. Lucky for me, I was not the first wonder-er.

From the FAQ:

I don't understand how this shows children how much toilet paper to use.
Each segment of paw-prints and Puppy is roughly 5 sheets long. Starting with a first paw print, the child should be instructed to follow the paw prints to the Puppy and then tear at the Puppy. This will provide roughly 5 sheets of toilet paper, an average amount for one wipe. A new segment of toilet paper should be taken for each subsequent wipe.

So, there you go everyone. Just in case you ever wondered how much toliet paper you SHOULD be using, 5 sheets is the 'average'.

(I want to know how they determined the average, however. Was this the average amount used by people around Cottonelle offices? Were Americans actually polled? Is there a camera pointed at my toliet paper roll?)

I'm going to go to sleep before I sound any more shizophrenic.

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