Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've run into an interesting predicament this holiday season that I can only describe as 'independence and recession guilt'. I'm sure a lot of you are feeling it too.

In the past, this is how I've regarded Christmas: I work hard for everything I get during the year, & I'm able to get mostly everything that I need. Christmas is the time I should get that one thing that I really WANT, but can't afford.

Now, this didn't ever mean anything extravagant, like a Lexus or beach house or what-have-you. Two years ago it was an iPod, last year it was an iPod stereo system. Nice things that are JUST beyond my price range, but that my family could afford to get me.

This year, I don't know what to ask for. There are things I want, of course, but they're completely beyond the usual price range (the big "want" being a Macbook Pro. I get a slight student discount off it, but it would still be just under $2,000).

Generally, my mother will give me little practical things (there are razors, chapstick and cigarettes in my stocking every year without fail) and maybe a gift card or some cash, since she knows I'm in a bad way financially and does what she can to help. The buying of the "big gift" has always been left up to my stepfather. My mother always acts like she's mad at him for spending so much money (she sets a $25 limit) but really she's not.

This year, I felt guilty asking for a Macbook. And a Roxy Schwinn. And a pair of Ugg boots. And a Northface Vest. And a argyle sweater.

So instead, I did some online scrounging and was able to find a Northface vest for under $50, and an argyle sweater for about $20. I suggested a pair of Ugg knock offs, provided that they had a rubber sole. (I have $12 Wal-Mart knockoffs now, and while they're perfect and comfortable, the sole is literally made of cardboard and fuzzy stuff, and the fuzzy stuff wore off on the first day. They are NOT going to keep me standing upright in the ice, and that's my only concern.)

It will be a surprise to open presents on Christmas, especially considering my stepfather doesn't like to shop online, and I sent him a ton of online links.

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jeannette84xx said...

your Christmas tree sounds cute, I want to see a picture :-)