Thursday, January 29, 2009

Money woes (as usual!)

I believe the most depressing time of month is when you get a $190 paycheck on Friday, and have $300 worth of bills due on Monday.

(uh and rent due by the 10th, and car insurance on the 16th...)

It's this sudden frantic scramble to scrimp. I'm selling a dress on eBay which has already been bid on up to $51, which is fantastic (but I won't receive payment for another week or two, which sucks). I had to pay $25 for a dermatologist copay today (something I would have put off, but it took me over 2 years to make this appointment since the doctor is in such high demand, and I was NOT waiting that long again!), and $20 on prescriptions...

I will be saved, in a manner of speaking, when I am able to file my taxes, and also get the deferment from my scholarship, which should be a couple hundred dollars. After that, things won't be so bad. But right now? The $200 MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENT on my credit card is absolutely kicking my ass.

I really don't want to have to return my new Netbook, even though I knew when I bought it that might be a possibility. I just love it so much, and it's so freaking rare that I get to have nice things, that I can't bare to see it go.

I suppose I'll need to call my credit card company again tomorrow. If they could just give me another MONTH without penalty, I'd be able to pay them once my tax check/scholarship money came in.

On the upside, though, there is this GREAT new cheap supermarket that opened in my area. I was able to buy a half gallon of milk, a bunch of grapes, 4 rolls, and 3 tangerines for only $5.

Hey, just a word to the wise? Don't charge groceries and gas on your credit card. I did that when I first moved into this apartment because I was absolutely terrified that I was going to bounce a rent check. Groceries and gas add up FAST.

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