Sunday, February 1, 2009


I spent most of my day today naked (well, topless.) in a tattoo parlor. I have a half-finished back tattoo to show for it, which unfortunately doesn't look like much yet. I can't wait until it's done!

I do not like the way my reflection looks in the teapot. I'm well aware of the fact that's not how I actually look, but the fact that even the teapot sees me in that shape just... disgusts me.

First week of classes done, and not bad. Little bit of homework, but I'm mostly caught up with it so it's nothing I can't handle yet. Very nervous about giving a speech about myself for Public Speaking, though. Not exactly sure what to say, as I don't really "know" myself well enough for an entire room of students to feel like they know me.

I suppose I'll figure out some way around this.

Still waiting to get all my tax paperwork in (my evil ex-boss is withholding, either that or sent it to the wrong address and it is currently in limbo) so that I can head to H&R Block, get an instant refund, and start attacking these bills. My front right wheel started making a funny noise today and I really don't need any more expenses!

Well, that's all for now.


Danielle* said...
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Danielle* said...
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Danielle* said...

I would be a lot more than surprised if she sent us W-2 forms. I didn't get one either, but I knew I wouldn't so I just got the numbers I needed off of all of the pay stubs I had saved. You might end up having to contact her with certified mail or something since the deadline was yesterday. It amazes me that she's still in business.

Eponine said...

I sent her a certified letter already, 3 days ago. I haven't gotten proof of receipt yet though. I wish I had saved my last pay stubs, but I didn't even realize that I worked for her in '08, I thought I stopped in '07.

This is a big deal though, and if she doesn't comply I'll have to take legal action this time.

Danielle* said...

I read somewhere that the IRS doesn't consider the W2 form 'late' until Feb. 15th, but I have to look more into that to find out if it's true. The 800 number for the IRS is right on the website. I'm going to wait a bit, then go ahead and file a complaint. I learned also that she will receive a fine for every employee that reports a W2 no-show.
I hope she goes out of business and gets arrested soon. It's truly ridiculous that she is still in business.