Sunday, January 25, 2009

Savings, consolidating, etc.

This weekend took quite an unexpected turn for me. I had planned to go to IKEA with Jay and take some photographs (we intend to run amok pretending that we live there), but instead I ended up being attacked by MASSIVE GIANT SAVINGS.

On Friday, Merrill and I went to get our nails done and discovered that we couldn't find or nail salon. We walked around the mall in circles before realizing that it had moved, been renamed, and was now having a huge Grand Opening sale. So, instead of just getting manicures like we had planned, we both got both manicures and pedicures for ridiculously low prices. (My nail fill was slightly more because I use UV gel, but the pedicure was $6.99 and Merrill's manicure was $4.99.)

On Saturday, Jay and I slept later then we had planned and headed out to get some business with his car taken care of. We managed to get it all done, and his car is finally legal and road-ready. Yay! We both start school tomorrow (eek) so that was a necessity.

While we were out, we headed to Circuit City. They're going out of business (or, at the very least closing a few stores-- I'm not sure which is which) and Jay was able to pick up a memory card for his camera, a tripod and a camera bag for 30% off. I looked briefly at the Netbooks while I was there, but their prices, even at discounted rates, were way too high.

We had some Mexican food for lunch and came home, only to discover that his tripod had a broken foot. We drove back out to exchange it, and I grabbed my thumb drive so that we could stop at Staples-- I wanted to print out my novel so I could read it and edit it more thoroughly.

When I got there, we went through all kinds of hell and found out that my word processing document is incapable with their software. So I have to copy it into an email document (provided it will work!) and email it to them in order for them to print it.

A little disappointed, I followed Jay over to the computers where he was discussing a desktop with one of the employees. I eventually got bored and wandered over to the Netbooks, as I usually do...

And my little baby, the HP netbook that I'd been eyeing forever and dreaming of, was on sale for $299.

I couldn't believe my luck. At first I didn't want to buy it (really, I should be paying extra on my bills, or even buying groceries), but I had the money, had been wanting it forever, and could not pass up the sale. Plus, it will be great for taking notes with, since school is starting up. I finally justified this in my own mind by vowing to step up my eBay sales to help detract from the cost.

So, I am the proud new owner of the tiniest damn computer ever. And, after piling all of my documents, photos and music on my poor old Dell for years, I am faced with the huge job of transplanting all my documents elsewhere. Thank God that Jay paid for a Flickr PRO account for me-- I've spent the past two days dumping all of my photographs there. (There are thousands!)

I figure I can email myself any important documents (most of them are outdated and unimportant anyway) and post any videos to YouTube. I am however unsure of what to do when it comes down to all of my music. I have thousands of songs on iTunes, some not, and I don't want to get rid of them entirely in the event I need a backup. I supposed I could buy a very large thumb drive, or an external harddrive, but I don't know much about stuff like that. We'll see.

It will be nice to have all my things saved somewhere (hopefully) safe on the internet. I'm constantly afraid my computer will explode and delete things-- my entire life is on that machine.

School starts tomorrow, like I said, and I am very nervous but also excited. Apparently my Journalism teacher decided to give our class HOMEWORK even though we haven't even met as a class yet, not to mention we don't have our books. I really hope this isn't an indication she's going to be a wicked bitch all year.

I suppose I'll find out soon enough! I'll update about class soon!

Ps: Did you all have amazing weekends? I have NO blogs to read. Get writing, people!

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