Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time for a new plan of action?

Today was mostly spent at my older cousin's baby shower. It was interesting and a bit awkward, as all events with my extended family tend to be, but not as bad as I had been expecting.

I was confronted with an epic amount of "We'll be throwing YOU a baby shower this same time next year!" or, "We'll see you when it's your turn." I kept insisting this was not going to be the case, and even told my younger second cousin that she could take my turn. I'm not entirely certain if these relatives even realize that I'm only 24, but either way it's definitely not my time yet.

Lately I've been thinking quite a bit about my two distinctly different aspects of my personality: the materialistic side and the minimalistic side. I've always *tried* to be minimalistic but pretty much failed completely because, well, let's face it-- I like STUFF. Lately however, somehow it sunk into my head that HEY... if you ever EVER want to be able to travel, you're A) going to have to be able to survive with very little, and B) you're going to have to sell some of this shit to make money!

So I ended up selling maybe about 40 of my DVDs over the past few weeks, and today I cleaned almost all of my old books, VHS tapes and CDs out of my mother's house. I figure, I've been moved out for a year-- if I haven't already gone back to get these items, do I really need them? I'll sell them to a music store next weekend. (As far as the books go, I really need to find a used book store that will buy them off me. I don't know of any.)

Anyway. I'm thinking (dreaming?) that once I get my Associates Degree, before I go on and try to either a) find a better job in my field or b) continue on to get my Bachelors Degree somewhere, I'll save up some money, take some time off, and just travel. Even if it's only a sleepless weekend spent in London, I still REALLY need to travel. It just has to happen, sooner rather then later. I know it's bound to be expensive, but by the time I graduate I'm fairly certain that my car will be paid off, which means I'll be able to save an additional $200 a month. This will help things along.

So for now, I'm trying to stop buying things that I don't need, and I'm selling things that have accumulated.

And keepin' on keepin' on.

(I know you usually instruct someone to 'keep on keepin' on'. But what if you're the one doing it? 'keepin' on keepin' on' just sounds awkward..)

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~Gaz~ said...

Maybe sell your books on, eh? Unless they're in really "well-read" condition that only a used bookstore would appreciate.