Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Okay, I lied.

I'm updating again, but not with good news!

This is simply a list for my own benefit of the things I need to get done ASAP.

1. Write up outline & grab props for a speech I have to give tomorrow (done)
2. Read next chapters in speech book & take notes for quiz (there was no quiz, sweet!)
3. Meet with instructor tomorrow regarding internship (done. didn't really accomplish anything)
4. Fax bank paperwork to Capital One Auto
5. Mail out broken cell phone, laptop, and dress I sold on ebay
6. FIND CHECKBOOK! And mail out check for item I won on ebay.
7. Fill out insurance paperwork. (done? I think?)
8. Pay any bills I might be able to pay. (paid a few)
9. Call insurance and make sure Camry is taken off, and see if AAA is needed. Ask about removing Jay from my policy. (They insisted I put him on even though he doesn't drive my new car, and I don't understand why!)
10. Call woman at Cox Cable about internship
11. Write paper for Film Class (ugh)
12. Do research and investigate upcoming assignments for Journalism
13. File taxes as soon as I get the forms I have been missing

Not so important things:

1. Finish both wall collages I've left half-done for way too long.
3. Clean whenever possible (cleaned a lot today)
4. NEED. eyebrow wax and manicure!! Can possibly wait another week or two for a pedicure. DESPERATELY need a haircut.. starting to look like a ragamuffin.

Must go to work now, til... pretty late. Work is greatly impeding my to-do list.

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