Thursday, February 19, 2009

vivid dreaming...

Did you ever meet someone in your dream that you feel like you're destined to meet in real life?

I had one of those last night. I blame watching Heroes before bed, though, because in this dream the male character was holding a knife to my throat, and when I got it away from him and stabbed him, the wound closed up again-- and I'm pretty sure the female character in the dream was either dead and wandering the earth, or immortal.

I haven't actually remembered my dreams upon waking for a VERY long time, possibly months-- and when I do remember them, it's usually just bits a pieces (like this one) and never the whole plot.

I hung up a Dreamcatcher months ago-- maybe that's why?


Rhi said...

I did, actually. I had seen him for years before he became real. But then he went away, and Christmas was cancelled.

Eponine said...

Okay, today this got a little more bizarre. The guy in my dream looks almost exactly like a guy in my Public Speaking class, who I had never given a second thought to-- only the guy in my dream was probably a good 5 years older.

I debated casually asking him if he had an older brother and just saying that he looked familiar, but I'm too shy to actually say anything.

I spent a good while in class thinking about how crazy I would sound if I told him the truth, though.