Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When EVERYTHING attacks...

So after my tattoo on Saturday I suddenly found myself horrendously ill. (Okay, so I've been WORSE, but still it wasn't fun-- a fever and super headache and dry cough and the like.)

On my way HOME from getting said tattoo, my car started making funny noises. Wonderful. Have an appointment to get that looked at and at least diagnosed (if not fixed) this Saturday. It costs $85 just to have them LOOK at it, unfortunately.

And today, my beautiful mini Netbook decided to shit the bed entirely. Apparently I am an idiot (we already knew that) and although I had virus software installed, it was not SET UP or RUNNING. So lovely pieces of malware leeched onto my system and corrupted Windows-- and I attacked with Ad-Aware and ZoneAlarm. The problem? Apparently the malware had corrupted Windows so badly that Ad-Aware saw it as a threat and-- yes you guessed it-- deleted my operating system. *sigh*

So, since my Netbook is so tiny that it doesn't come with a disc drive, I have to ship it out to HP and they'll "restore it to full working order". I hope this means WITH virus protection, or else I'm liable to do this all again...

I spent today in school, in the CVS MinuteClinic (swabs for flu and strep both came back negative, but she's shipping out a strep swab just to double check), and on the phone with various tech supports for over 4 hours. I really just wanted to sleep. Luckily I did manage a nap from around 6 PM to 8*, and I'm feeling loads better. I just hope I don't feel like shit tomorrow morning!

*During said nap, I had a dream that I have apparently had before but never remembered, during which I am one of quintuplets. What's strange is that I don't know my sister's names, and I only see one of them at a time (who, oddly enough doesn't look anything like me, but instead looks like a girl from a set of triplets I knew when I worked at Target-- like my mind isn't advanced enough to create another face that looks like mine). For some reason I know the others are in danger, and I keep trying to snap to them (it was a... quintuplet thing. We had some kind of snapping ritual, the way others might have nicknames or a secret handshake) and they aren't returning the snaps.

Weird, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with my four closest friends being seperated from me...

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