Monday, March 23, 2009

Florida, part two

I have now returned from Florida (I've been back for a few days, actually).

I had an amazing time, it was so nice to see Katie after so long. I had fun hanging out with her and her boyfriend, and I loved Disney World! It's impossible to see the whole park in two days, although we did our best, and I was able to ride Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, The Teacups, Small World, & The Haunted Mansion. I also saw the World Showcase (I had cheese and bread for lunch in fake-France), and PhilharMagic (an amazing show that I saw twice, I'd recommend it to anyone!) I wanted to go on Rock n' Rollercoaster, but there was a 2 1/2 hour wait, and I really wanted to catch the fireworks, so we headed there instead. The fireworks are awesome (Tinkerbell is the best part, but I won't elaborate on that for anyone who hasn't already seen the show.)

I managed to make it through all of Disney without getting sunburned (although I DID get sunburned a bit, in VERY strange places where I must have accidentally forgotten to put lotion on, while I was at the pool.), but I did get wounded my second day there. I packed only a pair of flip-flops, thinking that I run around ALL summer in flip-flops, so surely they would be the most comfortable footwear I could find, right? Unfortunately, what I didn't realize was that I must build up invisible callouses during the summer, and to force innocent little winter feet (who are used to being pampered in thick socks and comfy UGG boots all season!) into flip-flops for miles results in blisters :( Luckily, First Aid came to my assistance, and with 2 well-placed band-aids I was good as new.

We were able to get into Garden Grill for dinner (it's this awesome resturant that spins very slowly, so you get a view of different scenery and spin all the way around by the time you're through eating-- also, it's all-you-can-eat, but they just bring you out food and then you tell them which dishes you want more of. Pretty cool, I just wish we were hungrier!) which apparently is near impossible to do without a reservation. Characters come around while you're eating, so we got our pictures with Chip & Dale, Mickey and Pluto.

All in all, it was a very fun time. The park was unfortunately very crowded, and the wait for some rides were very long. I hope to go back at some point during "off-season" when I can do more! There were not enough hours in the day.

But now spring break is over, and I'm back to school. I've got just a little over a month left, and so far it SUCKS! Can't wait to be out of school. Not sure whether or not I'll be able to get financial aid for summer courses yet, but we'll have to see.

All for now :)

I ate at Chick-Fil-A and Steak n' Shake (two resturants we don't have up here! I was definitely in it for the novelty.)

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