Tuesday, March 17, 2009

greetings from sunny florida!

Well, it's past midnight now, so it isn't sunny-- but it was 88 degrees when I touched down in MCO today, a nice change from the 40 degrees I left!

The plane ride was okay-- it was my first time on a plane, so I was really scared at first. My fear was clearly evident on my face, because no sooner had I entered the terminal then someone who worked there came up to me and asked, "It's not really that bad, is it?" "I've never been on a plane before." I told him quickly, embarrassed that my face had given me away and my suave traveler persona wasn't working. He was pretty nice and advised me that I'd hear some strange noises while flying but not to be scared, and to be careful if I had a drink (apparently the alcohol hits you twice as hard when you're at high altitudes), but that other then that it was all easy and I'd be fine.

I was alright while we were taxiing, but the buildup was so bad that by the time we actually headed UP, I had to slam down the window screen (I got a window seat so I could see the sites, I figured it would make for some good photos and potentially put me more at ease if I could SEE what was actually going on.) and literally cover my face with my magazine. I was very careful to concentrate on my breathing and was able to calm myself down by the time we reached 10,000 feet. Once we stopped going STRAIGHT up and the plane evened out, I was pretty much fine, and even though the pilot kept apologizing for the "bumpy ride" (apparently we hit a cold air front, and we also had a strong headwind), the turbulence didn't bother me. I did, however, gasp audibly when the landing gear started coming down, and I anticipated being much more afraid when we landed then I actually was. Take-off was definitely the hardest part for me.

It also didn't help that I couldn't have my iPod turned on during take-off, and I was seated next to the epitome of what you DON'T want to be seated next to on a plane-- and obnoxious, loud military guy who spent the ENTIRE duration of the flight bragging to the woman seated on his other side (who was likely old enough to be his mother) about this, that or the other. And when he wasn't busy trying to pick her up (it worked by the way, they're going to dinner at Caraba's tomorrow) he was stepping on my foot, shoving his elbow into my (VERY limited) personal space, or WHISTLING. God, I don't think there's anything I hate more then people who whistle.

When I arrived (late!) at MCO, my darling Katie was waiting for me & we ran into each others arms like some cheesy romance novel. (I'm not exaggerating.) We then hit up Chic-Fil-A for dinner (I'm trying to ONLY go to resturants that we don't have up north. I REALLY want to go to a Sonic's.) and Super Wal-Mart so she could pick up some groceries, and we have spent the rest of the evening watching YouTube videos, giggling, and probably annoying the crap out of her boyfriend (who really doesn't seem to mind, AND laughs at my jokes, so I like him.).

Their apartment here is beautiful, high ceilings and a seperate shower AND bathtub in one bathroom. It's only a fraction of what Jay and I pay to live in a fairly bland apartment, and this makes me want to move even more. I wish the economy would get a little better, and I could be done with school so I could at least explore my options. I wouldn't want to live in Florida, personally (it's too hot, too hickville, and I would miss Spring and Fall!), but I know there is some place where our rent money would warrant us a nicer place. Plus, they have a cat here & I know Jay misses his Georgia cat. I would put up with her even though I am allerigic.

Tomorrow Katie and I go to Disney! It's my first time there & I have a big list of stuff I don't want to miss. I'm too excited to sleep!

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Danielle Elizabeth said...

Brave lady! Hehe, I have still yet to fly. Maybe this coming fall or something. 88 degrees, must be nice! I hear it's supposed to get brutally cold up here for the next few days, so think of all of us while you're sun-bathing! :P