Friday, March 13, 2009

A quick update

You find me now quite different then when I last left you. I had a blow up with my boyfriend a week or so ago that ended with me being single for (a heartwrenching) 26 hours. This eventually led to me begging for a second chance and seeking counseling as I realized that I really DO have a problem that I've been trying to ignore for so long and it's negatively affecting my life.

I basically knew that I had a crippling jealousy that reared its ugly head now and again, but what I didn't know was that it was ALWAYS apparent, and really putting a strain on our relationship.

So I'm signed up for counseling now, hopefully this is something I can fix about myself.

On a much lighter note, however, I will be leaving for Florida on Monday! I'll be staying with my best friend Katie who I haven't seen in over a year now and miss TERRIBLY. Lucky for me, she works at Disney World so guess who's getting in for FREE? That's right, me! I've never been to Disney World, never been on a "real" vacation (especially not by myself), and never been on a plane, so this is going to be a super exciting (and scary) time for me.

I'm terrified of heights and planes, so hopefully the flight will be quick (it's only about a 2 hour flight) and free of turbulence, and with a little luck I can manage to NOT lose my cool and scream and claw at the leg of the person sitting next to me. (see: how my mother behaved on HER first time on a plane.)

I'll be bringing my laptop with me, as I should have a bit of free time to fill while Katie is at school during the day (she's a teacher), but who knows if I'll be updating.

When I catch up with you again, I hope to be tan, relaxed, and smelling only of coconut sun screen!


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