Thursday, May 21, 2009

I got my grades back for this semester! They are as follows: CABBAB. (it almost spelled "CABBAGE"!)

I am less then thrilled by the C, especially considering I spoke to the teacher a month or so ago, apologizing for some absences (I had to do my census training during class time for 2 days) and making sure I was doing okay. I missed only ONE assignment, she assured me I was doing fine, and then gave me a C. Oh, and the REAL kicker is, she never graded & passed back homework, gave tests, OR gave mid-term evaluations-- so I really had no way of knowing my grade was this low.

The A's were in digital photography and public speaking, and the B's were in history of film, television production, and internship.

The C and B's unfortunately were enough to lower my GPA and keep me off the Dean's List this semester... so even though I did pretty well, I'm still disappointed in myself.

So far, my summer has been spent working every day, dealing with the bullshit that goes along with work (don't even get me STARTED, really.) and sleeping. I've had errands to run this week, but I realized that sleeping late was WAY more frugal then running about spending money that I should be saving for rent!

At night I've been scouring the internet for job opportunities and looking for future colleges.

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