Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The semester ends in 2 days. I have about 6 papers to write because I hadn't realized that nearly every week there was a paper due on the READING in my film class. He never mentioned it in class, and no one in my group ever talked about it, so I completely overlooked it and now I'm screwed. Luckily Jay is going to help me catch up so I can pass. Thank God.

Things have been weird with me lately, but they also seem to be looking up. I am looking forward to the end of the semester. I wanted to take a summer math course to help get me up to speed, but unfortunately it costs $500 which I don't have, and have no hope of acquiring before classes start on the 26th. Oh, well.

Summer will give me a chance to get my life and priorities in order a little bit.

I've dropped two pants sizes in the past month (depression induced anorexia for the win) and I intend on keeping it off, so I'm going to get rid of all my pants that are too big now. There's actually quite a bit of clothing that I don't wear at all, so I need to do some major sorting.

Also hoping I can take a pottery course & maybe a painting class if I can find one. We'll see.

All for now.

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