Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Adventures of Cripple McGee


So I woke up early this morning, and, like any other morning when I have to work, I dashed to my computer and checked all my emails & things as quickly as I could. With about 10 minutes until my shift started, I stood up from the couch & was about to head into the bedroom to change into work clothes quickly.

Before doing this, I stretched. It was a really awesome stretch, it started at the base of my spine and went all the way up to my neck. It felt good.

That is, until something in my neck decided to yell, "POP!" and then send shooting pain through my neck and head. The pain was so bad I literally fell over screaming (luckily the couch was right there). Even once I was laying on the couch, my neck hurt so badly that I couldn't stop swearing, moaning and whimpering. I immediately called my friend Mary, who was supposed to be working with me that morning. I let her know what was going on (it was too early to call work-- the phones are shut off until exactly 9 AM) while somehow managing not to scream in pain while I spoke.

Jay woke up at the sound of my protests, and came out to help me. He brought me frozen waffles for my neck (apparently our ice pack is MIA) and called some people from work to see if he could get coverage for my shift. Then he took me to the ER where they gave me some meds, advised me to rest, and sent me on my way.

Jay has been totally awesome throughout all of this (he carried my purse, took care of filling my prescriptions for me, made sure I was all situated on the couch with pillows, a blanket, the xBox, my laptop, cigarettes, meds and plenty of things to snack on and drink.). He's even working the rest of my shift at work.

I, in the meantime am lying here wishing I could move without pain. What good is a day off if you can't get stuff done?? I'm really bad at just relaxing. Thank God the muscle relaxers knocked me out for a few hours earlier, otherwise I would never have even slept.

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the Music of the Night said...

:-( that sux
if you're still crippled mcgee on monday.. lemme kno.. I may be able to help you at work...i'm off til thursday..

feel bettter!