Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I wish my apartment had:

-Free laundry! I don't mind doing laundry constantly, but making sure I always have quarters is a real pain, especially when I'm broke.

-walls I could paint. Seriously, white walls drive me CRAZY. They're okay in some rooms, but in all of them? Noooo.

-A space out back where I could start a small vegetable garden.

-A second bedroom that could be used for creative space... I'd move my sewing machine and all my painting/writing/photography stuff there. It's currently all clogging the already clogged living room, and it's not exactly condusive to getting work done.

-A new couch, preferably one that folds out into a bed if we wish to have overnight guests.

-A new mattress that doesn't hurt Jay's back so much.

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the Music of the Night said...

well you may be able to move into a 2 bedroom place..or you should look on the corner or north and main there is a place for rent with Yard
you could see how much it is