Thursday, June 11, 2009

This actually just happened:

I had to call my credit card company because they gave me a $40 late charge for a payment that was ONE DAY LATE. ONE DAY! I thought you had like a 7 day window with these things (most other credit card companies do.) and, I was having a hard time with my online bill pay (it sometimes refuses to let me into my account for days at a time.) so I didn't realize I was paying a day late. I thought it was due on the 1st of June... it was really due on the 31st of May.

ANYWAY. I called about this last week, spoke to someone who tried to transfer me to the bill pay department to see if they could do anything about it. The bill pay department was conveniently closed. So today I called back.

I explained my situation to a woman who obviously was not sympathetic, yet kept saying, "I understand your frustration." She also kept telling me that my other payments had been late (I've been paying on time for months now-- it's a very large payment & it's sometimes hard for me to come up with the whole amount in time.) and basically just was being a douchebag.

I explained how hard this was, and that I was only ONE DAY LATE, and couldn't she make an exception since the Online Bill Pay (run by the same company!) was down for days?

She explained that there are many different ways to pay a bill. But, honestly? If you use Online Bill Pay 100% of the time-- what are the odds you're going to use something else when you still THINK you're paying your bill on time? Plus, phone payments hit you with a $15 additional charge.

She basically was like, "tough, a $15 charge isn't that bad." (You have $15 extra dollars? Great! put it towards my bill, then.) and she kept repeating that there are many different ways to pay a bill.

Finally fed up, I screamed into the receiver,

"THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO HAVE SEX, TOO, BUT DO YOU TAKE IT IN THE ASS EVERY NIGHT?!" made sense at the time. I'm pretty sure she didn't understand.

(Seriously. Just because there are lots of ways to do something doesn't mean that I'm not going to do it the way that I'm USED TO most of the time.)


Danielle Elizabeth said...

If I had the transportation, I would drive 100 miles to you right now just so I could tell you in person how amazing that is and offer up a high-five. :P

Eponine said...

Thank you! I'm glad you appreciated that.

Danielle Elizabeth said...

What did the woman say after you said that? I am very curious. If I were her I would have hung up the phone in shock and immediately credited your account for $40. lol