Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Pleasant Valley... Tuesday.

At work, we have a board that is posted on the wall. It illustrates in very simple terms what you should be doing at each part of the day.

(For example, if I was working a 9-5 shift, it might say "9-11: Alison, pick up (also known as register). 11-3: Alison, drop off. 3-5: Alison, production.")

Yesterday, as soon as I walked in at 10 AM, I heard people saying, "Alison is at pickup". They said it several times, loudly, as if they wanted to make sure I was aware of it without actually coming up to me and telling me.

Regardless, there were NO customers to be seen, so I didn't go over and stand at the register. The computer queues were filled up with prescriptions, so I started printing prescriptions and pulling drugs, and answering the phones.

I did this for about an hour, taking a customer here and there. It was a very slow register day, and I spent most of my time assisting people on the phone and filling prescriptions. I do know at one point, I was on the telephone and a customer showed up at the register. Another employee*** got the register. (Note this employee. He's important. He's the one who says, "if I have a problem, I'll tell you to your face." yet then goes behind your back and complains about you. Constantly.)

After an hour of me printing, pulling, answering phones and getting the register, a friend of mine came up to me and said, "You're supposed to be at the register."

I may have snapped at her a little at this point. I said something like, "I KNOW I'm at the register, but there are no CUSTOMERS there."

But, fine. If the pharmacy wanted to waste my time and let themselves get backed up, I would go and stand at the goddamn empty register.

So I did. I brought my water, my protein bar, and at one point I even started to jot down a little list of things that I wanted to buy once I got some money. I relaxed and just stood there. When customers came up, I would help them, but I made no moves to get the phone or help out in any other capacity. They were swamped, but, they had made it pretty clear that I wasn't needed. So I'd just stand there.

This lasted for maybe an hour or two before someone else said, "Alison, (guy) is swamped, can you print and pull?" I muttered something under my breath along the lines of "that's what I was doing before." but went and helped him out anyway. And that was it, no one said anything else about it.

Until today.

As soon as my shift started, jerk boss called me into the office where there were 2 other people there waiting for me. I couldn't wait to hear what this was about-- they sometimes have "meetings" for the stupidest reasons, for things that could easily be cleared up with just a sentence normally, but for them require extensive documentation and "counseling".

As soon as I heard what I was being accused of, I pretty much lost it. I wish I could say I keep a cool and level head under pressure, but the truth of the matter is, in most cases that is the furthest thing from the truth.

He basically told me that I was getting written up for just "standing around" the day before. I immediately called bullshit and explained the situation the best I could. I was accused of "copping an attitude" and keeping things bottled up until they became big problems. They suggested that whenever I have an issue with anything, instead of letting it fester I should speak up about it immediately.


If I start speaking up about every damn thing in the pharmacy that pisses me off, I am never going to stop talking, and people are going to start hating me very rapidly. Doesn't exactly seem like the game plan for a non-hostile work environment, does it?

***I'm pretty sure, although I have no proof besides my manager taking him in the back of the pharmacy and whispering something to him immediately following our meeting, that THIS employee is the one who complained about me "standing around". Sorry that you had to get the fucking register ONCE, buddy. Hope you didn't over exert yourself as I filled waiters for you and answered the damn phone.

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Arturo said...

The way these people come off, I'm surprised they didn't write you up for wearing enough Flair. So sorry you've gotta put up with this crap.