Friday, July 3, 2009

It's been awhile...

I've been busy and stressed lately, I apologize for my lack of blogging.

While I'm at work, I think of millions of rants that I'd love to write about once I get home, but when I actually sit down at my computer, my head goes completely blank. It's very unfortunate.

I spent my 25th birthday in Boston with some people I don't get to see often. It was very nice and made me wish I lived closer. When the time comes for me to make my college decisions, I think my Boston friends will definitely influence my choice of school.

Made some new friends in CT... we went mini-golfing last Sunday, went out to dinner and watched Transformers (the first one, not the most recent one-- I hear it was terrible.). It was nice to hang out with a cool couple our age that Jay & I could kind of relate to. I had a lot of fun and really hope we get to hang out with them more often... I'm bad at the whole 'making friends' thing though, my brain is acting like a teenage boy who just went on a date. "How soon is too soon to call?"... stuff like that. It's silly.

Nothing else particularly interesting to report. I haven't really done any of the things I wanted to this summer... haven't gotten much writing or artwork done, but did sell a pair of earrings.

Oh, I did get my website up and running though! I have more things to add to it still, but you can see it here.


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