Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've been super busy lately, and as such have been living in a pretty constant state of exhaustion...

Jay & I had a huge yard sale this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We raked in $500 and got rid of a ton of our crap, so we were pretty successful. Jay is an awesome salesman, I think he's going to end up going back next weekend and selling the stuff that is left over.

The yard sale was pretty fun, although it was way more exhausting then I thought it would be... just sitting out in the sun for 3 days can really drain you! Our friend Ricky let us borrow his tent and air mattress, and we slept in the backyard during torrential rain and thunderstorms. Apart from being a little cramped while sleeping (we usually sleep on a queen, that mattress was a twin) we both slept better then we have ever slept before. It was pretty awesome.

I started my new job at 6 Flags yesterday... I'm working at a Henna tattoo booth. I was nervous about it at first because although I'm artistic, it's mainly in a photographic sense, and I'm not much for drawing. They're telling me that I'll get better with practice, though, and I hope they're right. I practiced like crazy on myself yesterday, and I have an arm full of henna tattoos that will last 2-4 weeks. I did some easier tattoos on other people... a chinese zodiac symbol (I was proud of that one), some hearts, stars (I'm actually pretty bad with stars...), peace signs... I'm really nervous about some of the larger more complicated tattoos though. The job itself seems very laid back and fun, I'm just having some artistic anxiety.

I am also in the middle of trying to plan a low-key and inexpensive (but also totally awesome) bachelorette party for my best friend Lauren, who is coming back to the States and getting married next month. I cannot wait!

Today I'm off to the bank... must pay some bills, shower and head to work. Yuck.

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