Thursday, July 16, 2009


My internet connection is giving me a hard time.
My computer is giving me a hard time.

My bills are sucking. My hours have been cut at work from 30 a week (which I was barely scraping by with) to 20, and there is no sign of an increase. I've already dropped to part time (against my will) and as such, have lots all of my medical benefits. Yahoo!

Oh, and did I mention that Soverign bank SUCKS, and even though I called to check my balance (and had $80 in my account, and then only spent $25...) I'm STILL somehow overdrawn by $140 dollars? YEAH.

And the "cool boss" is leaving, for good.

Oh, and THIS was posted on the wall at work!

So now, we have to work at a shitty job where half the time there is nothing to DO, and we can't even text (discreetly, behind the counter, AWAY from the view of customers!) in our downtime (and downtime sometimes can last for HOURS.). I'll tell you, I am not happy about this considering especially that the MANAGER texts constantly (he even gets his tweets as text messages!). Texts are pretty much the ONLY form of communication I have between my friends and myself. So there goes my entire social life. Thanks, pharmacy.

(Texting, by the way, was NOT affecting my work IN THE SLIGHTEST.)

All I want to do this weekend is go see the new Harry Potter, and spend some stress-free time on a beach... but I can't afford that.

And for some reason, the post office seems unable to deliver some of my mail. wtf.

nothing is going right today.

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