Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today's thoughts:

(This rant does not apply to Coral and Tony, Chris and Kim, or Lauren and Kay, who are ALL good looking married/soon to be married couples!)

Marriage rant!

At this time in my life, I'm looking around and seeing that most of my friends are getting hitched now. Some would say they are too young at this point, but personally I think 25ish is a decent age to get married, especially if you want children. (Although in this economy I would not be surprised if tons of people end up putting off marriage until they can afford it, and subsequently have trouble conceiving as a result of waiting.)

The thing that I most recently realized though, was this:

The guys that these girls are marrying? They are hardly fine physical specimens. Most of these guys look like they haven't seen their feet in years, and some might even have to dig under fat folds to find their penis. And these guys are in their early 20s! Their metabolism hasn't even begun to slow down yet.

And these girls are going on "wedding diets" when they're already a size 10. Preening and fussing and picking out stationary and dishes and dresses and halls...tanning and getting their hair highlighted and their nails done...

and what do the guys do? diet? not usually.

And, okay, okay. I can see the smoke coming out of your ears already-- I KNOW looks aren't everything. If they love each other, appearance doesn't matter. I should be able to see beyond all this. But I can't. I'm not terribly judgemental, although I'm sure I sound it.

I'm wondering now if it actually takes a man who feels like he's passed his prime (or maybe that he's never had a prime, and this is as good as it's going to get) to actually propose marriage. I feel like there are so many great girls out there that are marriage material (hi, myself included) that get passed over, when they are doing the exact same things that the girls with the shiny diamonds are doing.

Is it because one class of man has high self esteem and while they may love just as fully as lower-self esteem man, they don't sell themselves short of possible future experiences?



I am a glorified cashier at work. This does not mean that I am your goddamn doormat. I'm getting really fucking sick of how I am treated on a daily basis, both by customers, co-workers and bosses. I cannot take much more of the condescending, the not LISTENING to what I'm saying, the bullshit, busybodies, drama and excuses. Do not THROW your money at me. Do not give me an attitude when it is CLEAR you don't know what you're talking about. (Seriously, why does everyone assume they know *exactly* how a pharmacy is run?) I am tired of obese people who can't "afford" their cholesterol meds, but are buying 5 packages of Oreos. I am tired of disgusting old men flirting with me as they order their "happy blue pills" (viagra.). And if ONE more FUCKING person asks me WHAT MY NAME IS or IF I AM NEW, I am going to kill someone. I've been here full time for three years now. I know your name, address, and what meds you are on pretty much by memory. Please, at least have the decency to know my goddamn name-- or at least RECOGNIZE me.

I didn't realize how bad this had all gotten until yesterday. I was helping a woman with something, and at the end of her transaction (which actually took a long time, there was a complicated problem.) she searched me out (even though I was both dealing with another customer & on the telephone at the same time) and thanked me. Actually thanked ME. Didn't say, "Tell [the pharmacist] I said thanks." -- but looked me in the eye, smiled, waved and said a genuine thank you.

I think that was the first time a customer has made me REALLY smile at work. And definitely the first time I've felt like someone appreciated me.

I can't wait until I get a real job somewhere. Can't someone hurry up and fix this rotten economy?

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I hear ya about the rotten economy, totally feel your pain. and as for wedding rants, I also hear you- though I am definitly being pulled towards that "lovely, propose to me please" sort of mindset. iT CAN BE TEMPTING.