Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's work rant.

Dear Jerk Boss:

If you want to be a giant douchebag to me from the second I walk in the door until the moment I leave, you clearly don't want me around anymore. So why not just have me go home? Or fire me? Cut me the fuck loose. You don't have to keep me around just so you can be a miserable bastard ALL.DAY.LONG.


no love,


Seriously, people. Today my boss:

1) Made me throw away my lunch and told me "no food at drop off", even though EVERYONE else eats non-stop at work. So I fucking starved all day and now I have stomach pains. THANKS.

2) While I was filling prescriptions, he called over to me in the most condescending voice I've ever heard, "Now Alison. Can you name ONE thing that we could be doing during our downtime here at the pharmacy?" I couldn't believe his gall, and shot him the dirtiest look I could imagine before the phone rang & I answered it without speaking to him.

3) At one point he gave me the talzon (computerized gun thingie that scans and logs products) and asked me (told me, rather.) to cycle-count. As I did it, he FOLLOWED ME AROUND checking to make sure I was actually working.

4) As I was cycle counting, I had to count out a bottle of pills that was opened. I had counted out 25 & there were 5 more pills to count and put back into the bottle, when he was like, "ALISON, are you getting the REGISTER?", to which I nodded, counted the last five pills, and put them into the bottle. He said something like "Counting pills can wait." IT WAS FIVE PILLS. WAIT ONE GODDAMN FUCKING SECOND SO I CAN PUT EVERYTHING BACK IN THE BOTTLE and NOT have to start all over once I get back!!! The customer did not CARE about the one extra MILLISECOND that she had to wait.

FUCK, I need to LEAVE THIS JOB ASAP. No one should have to work with this fucking asshole and I am goddamn sick of taking his crap every day. I am fully capable of doing my job, I have been doing it FINE for THREE FUCKING YEARS NOW before you stuck your nose into everything.

We had a big "work meeting" tonight where important stuff was supposed to be discussed. The gist of it was, Here is how we want you to work harder! And, HERE is what we're taking AWAY from you! (No more cell phone, no more eating in the pharmacy, no more then 3 requests off in a month, no more, no more, no more.)

Seriously. I was about to ask which side the our new swastikas were supposed to go on.


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