Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The busiest month of my year...

So, I didn't expect this, but August is rapidly turning into the busiest month of my entire year.

Take a look.

This week, I have a work related party to go to on Friday, work all week long (no days off for this girl!) and a baby shower for one of my best friends to go to on Sunday.

Next week, another one of my best friends flies in from London for her WEDDING! That entire week is filled with showers, a bachelorette party, random nail & hair excursions... and the wedding!

I can't wait to see either of these ladies, and am so excited about both of their big events :)

The week after that-- school starts again! I am very excited but also nervous about school-- I am taking on a LOT this semester:
  • Math (which is a big challenge for me, as you know)
  • Biology II (also a challenge!)
  • Creative writing (I threw this in as my "fun" class-- it's taught by one of my favorite teachers)
  • American Popular Culture (taught by the same lady who assured me I was doing "great" last semester-- and then gave me a C. NOT looking forward to this one)
  • Video Filmmaking (not sure what this one will be like-- my favorite teacher was going to teach this, but he retired last semester.)

So, all those classes plus 2 jobs and therapy is going to be a little overwhelming after a summer of essentially being a sloth due to cut hours at work and zero money. But hopefully I can get back into the swing of things again, and make the Dean's List with no problems :)

After this semester, I only need 2 more math classes and then I GRADUATE!


The Demigoddess said...

In my group of friends, someone's getting married and two are having babies, one got hitched two weeks ago and the rest of them got new boyfriends. Doesn't it suck when their lives seem headed somewhere and yours isnt? I mean, mine isnt. But I love being single and being childless.

I just realized..it's August! How time flies.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with school. I have 4 more classes before I get my associates :-)

Anonymous said...

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