Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I saw my ex (technically, my most recent ex, considering the last two people I regard as exes I never was technically in a relationship with... infuriating, ladies, yes?) today.

It was pretty much inevitable, seeing as we both work for the same company, I was bound to see him sometime.

We were walking towards each other at the end of the night and as I saw him coming, my brain did this panicked "what-do-I-do" jig, running through the zillions of possible scenarios that could transpire.

In the end, I decided rather quickly that I was in a better place now then I ever had been with him. And yes, he had wronged me, but I was just one of the multitude of girls he had wronged. And there was no point in not being civil.

So I decided that I would smile at him, nod, and say hi, but that was it. No stopping for conversation, no bitter choice words, no flirting, not even a "hey, how have you been?" or a "long time, no see". Keeping it brief was best.

And as we got closer-- he stared at the ground and walked right past me.

I laughed as I went by. I guess I can't be 100% sure that he saw me, but something tells me he did.

I feel like the better person for choosing to be civil and polite.

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