Friday, August 7, 2009

Whatever, boyscouts.

I honestly don't know what it is with people in authority being so damn irresponsible.

To backtrack (because I'm not actually sure I've blogged about this yet):

In June, I applied for a job as an Arts & Crafts Director at a week long Boy Scout Day Camp that would take place in mid-August.

A week later, the guy who interviewed me (let's call him Bob) left me a voicemail telling me that I was hired, and that we needed to set up a time to meet and sign the required paperwork. Bob said that if we wanted to meet on the same day/time/place as we had the week before, that would be fine.

I called him, got his voicemail, and left a message letting him know that I could meet him at the same/day/time/place as last week.

Thursday rolled around. I got up early and camped out in the coffeeshop waiting for him. He never showed. I figured, well, he never called to confirm... maybe something came up. So I left him a voicemail telling him that I had been there, and he could call me to reschedule.

He never called.

I called Bob a few more times to remind him, even sending him an email in case there was a problem with his phone. I heard nothing back.

After about a month, I called the main boyscout number and spoke to one of Bob's supervisors (we'll call him Greg). He was apologetic and said he would speak to Bob and have him get in touch with me. He also took my home address and email, and said he'd send me out the required paperwork.

A week went by and I still hadn't gotten anything. I called Greg and left him a message telling him this. I clearly repeated my email and address on his voicemail, to make sure he had the right addresses.

Greg left me a message a few days later stating that he HAD sent the paperwork. He repeated my address and email. He said he would resend them.

After another week, I called him back and left him another message. I asked if I could come down to the boyscout headquarters and pick up the required paperwork, seeing as time was running out.

He never called me back.

The camp starts next Tuesday. And now, because I haven't gotten a SOLID answer from anyone, I'm scheduled to work both jobs all week.

I'm disappointed, because despite the idiots who can't seem to get anything right-- I really wanted this job. It was only a week long, but Bob had told me that next summer I would be in line for bigger opportunities.


the Music of the Night said...

odds are, the boyscout camp was canceled due to lack of registered kids. It happened a lot when i was doing them..

Eponine said...

Last I spoke to the supervisor, it was still on. Even if it was canceled since then, it's no excuse for them not notifying me. I really can't believe their lack of accountability.

The Demigoddess said...

That's disappointing. If they didn't wanna hire you, why let you hope and wait?

Eponine said...

The thing is... they DID hire me! They just never followed up after hiring. When I first called the supervisor, I thought maybe there had been a mistake (maybe they meant to hire one of the other girls, but confused our phone numbers?) but he assured me that I *had* been hired.

That was an experience I hope never to repeat. I was so excited about that job-- especially about the future opportunities.