Saturday, September 12, 2009


When my best friend Lauren and I found ourselves broke and unemployed one summer, we did the only thing two girls our age COULD do...

We drove our parent's cars, lived in our parents houses, and spent what little money they gave us on cigarettes and McDonalds. Nightly.

Oh, and we also didn't SLEEP. For DAYS. Our sleep schedules became crazy (we were waking up at 5 PM and hanging out until 6 AM, then doing it all over again) and we would once in awhile decide to "reset" ourselves-- by staying up until we could fall asleep at a normal hour.

This resulted in DELIRIUM. I will never forget one day when Lauren's mother insisted on taking us with her to the fabric store. We both hadn't slept in two days, but we went along. And let me tell you, it was ridiculous. We were wandering up and down aisles of fabric touching everything, pausing to stare at intricate weaves like we had just dropped acid. Lauren's mother was VERY worried about us, and although we assured her that we were simply exhausted, I'm not sure she ever believed us.


Tonight (today?!) I'm pulling my very first all-nighter since the Summer of All-Nighters. Even when school became somewhat demanding (usually around finals week!), I never had to resort to all-nighters. (In fact, I usually have a hard time staying up later then 2 AM.)

But today, I have a craft show that I have to set up for at 7 AM.

And, this craft show called me yesterday at 10 AM to tell me "We just had a cancellation. I know we put you on the waiting list [and swore we wouldn't be able to fit you in at all] but... come on down!"


So I've been gluing, molding, painting, signing, stickering... you name it... since I got out of work at 7 PM to NOW. Jay has been helping me with everything (seriously? the dude is a TROOPER. He's been great & I could not ask for anything more!) and now he's taking a 45 minute nap, before we haul our cookies to the site and set up.

I am going to require LOADS of coffee today. But I am SO pumped, and I hope I at least sell a few things so I can break even.

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