Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad morning!

I was up til 2 AM playing (and beating) Beatles Rock Band with Jay.

Unfortunately, this morning was NOT a good one.

First, I was dreaming that I was already at work-- so every time my alarm clock went off, I shut it off in my sleep and continued working.

When I finally jolted upright in bed, my clock said 8:57. GREAT, I had to be to work at 9.

I jumped up and immediately tried to put on whatever was nearby (I first tried to put on a pair of Jay's black pants, but eventually found a pair of black yoga pants that worked okay.). I rushed back over to the bed to grab my cell phone, (here's where it gets good!) and in my hurry, accidentally bashed my left ankle and foot as hard as you could possibly imagine onto the nice, sharp corner of our low-to-the-ground IKEA bed frame.

In immense pain, I yelled "FUCK!" which woke up Jay and had him asking, "What's wrong?"-- but I didn't have time to answer him, because the sheer pain of the strike to my ankle had sent me reeling-- right into the left wall. I hit the wall with a thud and yelled "FUCK!" in pain, again. He again asked what was wrong. But I couldn't answer THAT time either-- because I had ricocheted from the left wall into the RIGHT door frame, slamming my right shoulder against it with such force that I'm going to have a pretty sizable bruise!

I finally slowed down and stood, defeated and wounded, by the front door, where I could do nothing but grasp my ankle and my shoulder and repeat "FUCK! FUCK!" over and over again, before finally composing myself enough to walk to work.

(And wouldn't you know-- I managed to clock in at 9:01?)

The most graceful morning person you know,

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